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WONIRADIO Jumpstart with CPR explores Business and Political Tactics

Updated: Dec 4, 2023

Today on Jumpstart with CPR only on WONIRADIO, we discuss:

1-Business tactics to Level Up or Muscle Up your business

2-Tactics applied by African countries to ban exports

3-Sis Vanessa, founder of North America to Africa Diaspora Connection, discusses tactics in African political coupe and her plans.

You don't want to miss it today on Jumpstart with CPR - 10:15 am central/11:15 am eastern and 4:15 pm central/5:15 pm eastern only on WONIRADIO.

CPR reached another milestone in radio broadcasting. Today, we have more than 30 published audios archived as audios for your business improvement while on your faith. Be sure to visit WONIRADIO and WONIPODCAST and select Jumpstart with CPR.


Sis CeeCee

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