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Marketing Campaign How to Series: Saving $$

Last week CPR introduced the "How to" marketing campaign series for small business owners. Implementing an internal marketing campaign is cost-effective and wise as you continue to make decisions as a leader. Last week CPR introduced the creative process of using National observances to establish a theme that can be transitioned into a marketing campaign. The posts also included basic concepts, including steps to create an internal marketing campaign and marketing campaign types. Today, I will attempt to create another marketing campaign to highlight the ease of achieving an internal marketing campaign once you have a handle on the process. Let's begin!

Regardless of your product or service, applying divergent thinking will allow creativity to flourish. So, for a professional business service such as Consultant Proficiency Resources (CPR) LLC, It's neither bound to a service-driven

theme, nor a food-driven theme. The reality is that you can apply any theme. Using the National Observances for the month of May 2022, let's consider another brief campaign for providing Executive leadership one on one coaching. From the week of May 1st, 2022, to May 7th, 2022, the following holiday themes will be observed.

  • Sunday, May 1

    • National Loyalty Day

    • World Laughter Day

  • Monday, May 2

    • World Tuna Day

    • National Brothers and Sisters Day

  • Tuesday, May 3

    • National Teacher Day

    • World Press Freedom Day

  • Wednesday, May 4

    • Star Wars Day

    • Yom Ha'atzmaut

  • Thursday, May 5

    • Cinco de Mayo

    • World Password Day

  • Friday, May 6

    • National Nurses Day

    • Military Spouse Appreciation Day

  • Saturday, May 7

    • Join Hands Day

    • National Fitness Day

In preparation for your Marketing campaign, you can assign a team to select a theme for your next campaign. For CPR LLC, we elected the theme: May 7th, "Join Hands Day." Do your homework and research the subject theme if you know little about the theme. CPR researched and now understands that Join Hands Day is an intergenerational initiative. Join Hands was a concept formed to bring the old and new generations together. Whereby uniting and understanding each generation through volunteerism. While the older generations perceive that, the newer generations are lazy and rebellious, the newer generations are of the view that their predecessors are too uptight and have outdated mentalities. This stark difference recently became emphasized when the meme, “Ok, boomer,” started trending.

Once you understand your identified theme, the next step is to identify a common thread linking your business with the national observance theme. The third step is to document the information on paper and share this information with your new team. Below CPR LLC's team listed the common thread between the theme "Join Hands" and CPR LLC. Since the theme Join Hands is a service, not a food, unlike the "Pretzel Day" theme, the characteristics no longer include the shape, color, taste, and other physical attributes. Thus the below was presented:

  • unity,

  • collaboration,

  • generation,

  • perception,

  • volunteer,

  • view,

  • hands,

  • together,

  • achieve more,

  • differences,

  • trending assist

  • success

  • team

With the above information, use the steps shared from Wednesday and Thursday's blogs to finalize a campaign. For the month of May 2022, CPR LLC's email marketing campaign is:

May 7th is Join Hands Day. Consultant Proficiency Resources (CPR) LLC joins hands with you, the business leader, to commemorate your achievements by offering an additional 25% Executive leadership one-on-one coaching. In the 21st century, evolving into an effective leader can make a difference in how you motivate your team and achieve results. With CPR's Executive one-on-one virtual coaching, our experts will assist you in navigating the road to success. CPR LLC's collaboration will prepare you for the road to achieving generational wealth. This offer is good till May 31st, 2022. When YOU succeed, we succeed!

For coaching or assistance with your marketing campaign, please email us at or register on CPR's home page.

Warm Regards,


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