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Marketing Campaign series: Types of Marketing Campaigns

This week, CPR initiated a how-to series on devising one's own internal marketing campaign at a minimum cost. For an entrepreneur, it is essential to understand your immediate goal when considering a marketing campaign. Below are some types of marketing campaigns for your consideration:

1. Product Marketing Campaign

2. Brand Development Campaign

3. Email Marketing Campaign

4. Content Marketing Campaign

5. Public Relations/Awareness Campaign

6. Social Medical Campaign

7. Affiliate Marketing Campaign

8. Paid Marketing Campaign

While the above list is by no means exhaustive, the list is the most basic for marketing campaigns. As a leader, you need to decide whether the immediate goal is a product or service, brand, and specific content. To further assist your decision-making, please consider

the following elements:

1-what are your goals and critical progress indicators-(be sure to quantify and qualify)

2-Channels: where will your content and messaging be distributed?

3-Content Format(s)


5-Creative assets-(website design, etc.)


While many consultants recommend the budget as your first consideration, CPR recommends your budget as your last consideration. Why? Unfortunately, creative constraints are typically linked to the unavailability of financial resources. As an entrepreneur, CPR recommends thinking big, then scaling down if finances are a factor; however, with experience, you will seek alternative means to make up for the financial limitations, such as grants.

Marketing campaign techniques will resume next week. Please be sure to subscribe to CPR if you have not subscribed. For your free 30mins virtual meeting, please email us at or register on CPR's home page.

Enjoy your weekend, and cheers on your journey.

Warm Regards,


Managing Partner

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