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Momtrepreneur Series: From Mommy to CEO Inc.

CPR's salute to momtrepreneurs is the impetus for CPR's Momtrepreneur series. Yesterday, CPR's blog highlighted twenty attributes a mom acquires that is also applicable as a business leader. For the upcoming series, we will explore five attributes at a time. Let's proceed!

The below five attributes acquired during mommyhood serves as an advantage for momtrepreneurs. This post by no means suggests that a single female or dad does not possess the attributes. However, it highlights the ease with which moms may transition from mommy in charge to CEO. Today, we will explore the following attributes:

  1. knowledge of the mission and purpose

  2. possession of soft and hard skills

  3. emotional intelligence (empathy, awareness, adaptability, inspiration)

  4. adaptability

  5. multitasking

1. Knowing the Mission and Purpose

Understanding the goal of your household. This is the 360 perspective, or what college professors coined the balcony approach. Having the whole vision, a view on top or from the balcony, enable a leader to assess what's going on below and on top. This is true whether you are single or married, and it is certainly true as a business owner. As an entrepreneur, you need to be aware of it all. Providing you have a stellar Executive team, being aware is the first step. As an entrepreneur, you need to recruit individuals who understand your mission and see your vision and know your tactical and strategic goals.

2. Emotional Intelligence

Some attributes of emotional intelligence (EQ) include:

  • self-awareness

  • empathy

  • awareness

  • inspiration

Emotional intelligence made a comeback at the turn of the 21st century. A leader with a high EQ vs. IQ was in greater demand. While you can develop your IQ through schooling or any level of training, developing the EQ of a leader has its proven challenges. Employed in Corporate America, I witnessed this continuously to the leader's downfall. A CEO without EQ is costly to the organization. As a business owner, if you have to attend training to hone your EQ amongst everything else you need to do, that is indeed costly. As a mom, for the most part, it kicks in even if it was dormant as a single individual.

3. Soft and Hard skillsets

Compared to EQ, a soft skill set puts that extra touch on everything, as most moms frequently do. In the professional arena, it might be knowing when your employee needs a timeout or a hug or when your customer wants an apology or an explanation. The encouraging smile that reassures your staff is easier to hone early on. The hard skill set is compared to technique, training, certificates, and schooling. The basic assumption as a business owner is that you are pursuing an area that you may already have some knowledge or prior experience with as a hobby, passion, or training.

4. Adaptability

A mom knows when to pivot and still makes it work seamlessly. Moms adapt quickly to the child's needs, school needs, weather needs, etc., and still effectively execute the plan. Adaptability is a skill every leader needs in the 21st century. This leader knows how to be flexible with every situation, assess, direct, perform, execute, and return if needed. As a leader, holding to what you know as the final word is not effective leadership in the 21st century; you must learn, continue to grow, and adapt to the new environment that continuously evolves.

5. Multi-tasking

Frequently called ten balls in the air or juggling, Corporate America it's affectionately called wearing ten hats. While the mental health movement is moving away from this bravado, "I AM woman hear me roar mindset,"; it is still occurring in Corporate. In motherhood, this is something we have all witnessed. Whether it be household chores, nurturing children spiritually and emotionally, extra-curricula activities, paying the bills, chef duties, or doctors' appointments, the list has no end, and that is just Monday. After juggling motherhood, an entrepreneur has to apply the same skillset with dexterity. Momtrepreneurs would have lived through the experience of multi-tasking, so it becomes a breeze.

What are your thoughts on the initial five attributes of mommy vs. momtrepreneur? CPR's many services include one-on-one coaching on being an effective leader while honing your existing skill sets. Take advantage of CPR's special offer, "Salute to Momtrepreneurs," with a 40% discount. This offer expires on May 31st, 2022.

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