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Momtrepreneur series: Mom-in-charge to CEO

According to the Small Business Administration, one in three female-owned businesses is that of a momtrepreneur. While there is room for more momtrepreneurs, about four million company leaders are currently momtrepreneurs. This is significant enough so that we can continue to make a mark and relate to our daughters that momtrepreneur is a viable option as a career path. This week CPR will explore additional characteristics of moms that can be categorized as assets in the workplace. Today we will explore five additional attributes of a mom and entrepreneur. The attributes include:

  1. perseverance

  2. intuition

  3. optimistic

  4. self-aware

  5. visionary

1. Perseverance

Perseverance is the act of repeating a task despite a perceived delay or roadblocks. In entrepreneurship, perseverance, often likened to persistence, is a necessary evil to achieve success. Making your mark for many is not handed over on a silver platter. To create your identity will mean going above and beyond regardless of the negative responses. Compared to moms, a mom will take her pursuits tino the ends of the earth regardless. There is no letting go. Perseverance is a skill worth developing.

2. Intuition

Intuition is the innate ability to see, sense, and take advantage of an opportunity. This is true for your personal or professional life. People are intuitive in their areas of strength. This frequently occurs when quiet moments are sought. Like entrepreneurs, moms are intuitive. Moms can assess verbal communication and compare it to non-verbal stimuli to make sound decisions. When utilized in the business world, this skill is potent and makes for effective decision-making.

3. Optimistic

Optimism is so vital in any walk of life. Electing to see the upside while assessing the downside in business is the best-case scenario. As a leader, you must be optimistic since you are responsible for the direction of your team. It's important to underscore that optimism is not equated to seeing through a rose-colored lens, which can easily lead your organization in the wrong direction. A mom has to be able to pinpoint the positive in every situation to nurture her child's developmental needs. The trait of optimists vs. pessimists are likely to exist and nurture in one's environment.

4. Self-aware

According to the Spiritual Science Research Foundation (2019), "self-awareness is a person's capacity to introspect. It includes understanding and insight into one’s strengths, qualities, weaknesses, defects, ideas, thoughts, beliefs, ideas, responses, reactions, attitudes, emotions, and motivations. Thus introspection also includes assessing how others perceive one and how others are impacted based on one’s behavior, responses, and conduct."

Moms are typically self-aware, which helps bridge the awareness and bond between a mom and her children. Knowing one's strengths and weaknesses is essential to understanding your role as a parent and a leader. In areas of deficiency, one may seek assistance or recruit a person on your team who can make up for this gap. We are who we are; once we are honest and comfortable with who we are as leaders or moms, we can begin to make power moves.

5. Visionary

As an entrepreneur, you must have a vision of your desired state of existence for your company. A visionary leader is an individual who sees the potential instead of what it is perceived to be. Isn't that the same for any mom? A mom sees the potential of their children and grooms them accordingly.

What are your thoughts on the five attributes of a momtrepreneur? For one-o

n-one coaching, send us an email at or register on the home page.

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