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Momtrepreneur Series: Self Assess Your Leadership Potential

Updated: Jun 6, 2022

Today's blog challenges the aspiring entrepreneur or entrepreneur who was abreast of CPR's Momtrepreneur series. CPR designed the matrix to assist you in self-determine how you rate yourself amongst the twenty attributes discussed in this series. Remember, you must do the work.

Below is an excel file for your use. Please download and edit accordingly with your responses. Each of the twenty attributes discussed in this series was placed on the grid to the left. You must insert the number corresponding to the number in the column. Columns are arranged in ascending order from one through five (five being the highest and 1 being the lowest rating) that best describes you. For example, if you know the mission and vision of your organization, you will place a five-under column 5; conversely, if you do not know your mission or vision, you should place a number one under column 1. If you have some idea but are not too sure, place a three-under column 3. All other columns should be blank, or you can place a zero. You must repeat this step twenty times before the excel worksheet aggregates your data. Do not exclude any of the attributes. Do not change the formula embedded in the spreadsheet.

Reminder. This is a self-assessment. Do not ask anyone which attributes best represent you. A leader must be self-aware or at least learn how to build self-awareness. Suffice it to say; that this assessment is gender-neutral. The assessment by no means excludes male entrepreneurs. Fathers and single men may also complete this exercise.

CPRLeadership matrix score sheet51922_2
Download XLSX • 16KB

The assessment score provides you with your overall CEO assessment attributes. The highest you can achieve is 100. If you rank below 80, that is ok. This means there is more self-awareness and leadership coaching that is needed. Invest in yourself by doing one or all of the below:

  1. register with Consultant Proficiency Resources LLC for one-on-one coaching.

  2. read leadership books

  3. work on building your self-awareness

  4. if you are ok with criticism, ask your staff directly

  5. deploy an anonymous survey to your employees

  6. ask people who know you best, like a spouse, your children, parents, best friend, or colleague you respect, about their experiences.

    1. Be sure when you sit down to have this discussion (and I mean sit) be sure any information conveyed to you has specific examples. This will undoubtedly assist you in understanding why they feel the way they do.

CPR anticipates the assessment was of help. If you never assess your skills, it should be an eye-opener of your leadership standing. You may then gauge your next steps. For coaching or other services, please register on the home page or email us at

Warm Regards,


Managing Partner


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