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Momtrepreneurs series

Updated: May 16, 2022

In line with CPR's salute to working mothers' aka momtrepreneurs or She Bosses, working moms who are entrepreneurs acquire attributes transferable to managing a small business. This signifies that if you aspire to be an entrepreneur, you may possess the skill set to lead your team and succeed in business. The Momtrepreneur series will explore the beautiful attributes of momtrepreneurs that a woman applies daily in managing her household. Let's explore.

Characteristics of a successful leader that are also required of moms include:

  1. knowledge of the mission and purpose

  2. possession of soft and hard skills

  3. emotional intelligence (EQ) (empathy, awareness, adaptability, inspiration)

  4. adaptable

  5. multitasker

  6. perseverance

  7. intuition

  8. collaborate

  9. evolves

  10. visionary

  11. divergent thinker (think outside the box)

  12. creative

  13. decision-maker

  14. foster cohesive teams (teamwork skills)

  15. customer service

  16. consistent

  17. follow up

  18. resolve conflicts-great mediator

  19. network

  20. humility

Suffice it to say; that the above list does not begin to highlight the myriad of attributes that links motherhood to a successful leader in business. We will explore the attributes and how it relates to effectively operating and managing a small business in upcoming episodes. For one-on-one coaching, please send us an email to

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