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Motivation Series: Identified Motivation

Welcome back to the Consultant Proficiency Resources (CPR) LLC Motivation series. To date we explored Motivation, Self-motivation, Extrinsic motivation, Intrinsic motivation, and Introjected motivation. Today, we will explore the concept of Identified motivation. If you have not reviewed the above motivation types, it is not too late. Please do so prior to proceeding with today's information.

In the initial Motivation series, Identified motivation was defined. A person who functions as an Identified motivator operates under the premise that "it is important. I will do this for myself." While this person may not necessarily enjoy the behavior, they understand the importance without immediate gratification. Triola (2021) identified this type of motivation as a form of Intrinsic motivation that drives the individual to execute a function, while other scholars classified Identified motivation as a form of Extrinsic motivation. Triola highlighted an excellent point of motivation. He maintained, "Often people believe behavioral influencers such as a reward or punishment are enough to motivate action, but motivation is a building process." Triola's point is valid. Incentives do not immediately drive an individual to act or change behavior. Case in point-does a pre-diabetic stop consumption of foods high in carbohydrates or glucose even though the nutritionist flagged the consumption as a concern? The answer is no. There is a process involved, including more education, tips for intentional food shopping, and replacing their old recipes with healthier options. Again, this is a process.

Ryan & Deci (2000) illustrated the critical difference between Introjected and Identified motivation. The researcher's study involved academic and sports domains (N = 1,222). The results indicated that Introjected avoidance motivation was associated with a more negative pattern of affective and performance correlations than introjected approach motivation. In contrast, the Identified motivation was associated with a much more positive pattern that correlates more effectively than both types of introjected motivation. The scholar's research concluded that even an approach-oriented introjected motivation has minimal benefits compared with identified motivation, giving Identified motivation a positive result-oriented form of motivation. While this study involved sports and adolescents, it is essential to underscore that adolescents are future adults within your organization. The research is worth scrutinizing further. With the research discourse on where Identified motivation lies, CPR LLC offers some tips for Identified motivation:

  1. meet with the employee to identify the motivational element that is visible in the workplace

  2. once identified as Identified motivation, apply objective rationale that is fact-based

  3. be patient! understand it is a process

  4. build your case with positive reinforcements on how their contributions can assist the company in a significant sense

  5. continue to reinforce positive motivational factors in every meeting through interactive sessions including videos, games, or self-reflection

  6. monitor progress of the employee

  7. while change should be anticipated, be prepared to let go of the person if negative behavior persists.

While Identified motivation reflects a positive change, you must be prepared in the event the outcome is not positive. As a reminder, leadership is about making tough decisions. CPR LLC supports the art of transformational and creative leadership. As a leader, be sure to use the art of communication to generate highly energized behavior. A key component of managing personalities is the activation of emotional intelligence. Emotional Intelligence will be explored in the future. In the meantime, remember you are actually in the people business, which is motivating your team to execute your vision. For more details on Identified motivation, please review the Ryan and Deci study. The question remains "what motivates your employees?"

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