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Saluting Dadtrepreneurs: Understanding Attributes of Male Leaders

Updated: Jun 6, 2022

Alas! It is June 1st, 2022. The birds are tweeting, flowers bloom, graduations to attend, weddings to plan, and the heat is on. Ahhhhh! There are

A plethora of studies suggests that the weather dictates your mood. As I attend meetings, walk the dog, do my power walk, and hang with friends or family, I can feel the excitement in the air. June is a month full of expectations and promises. In that spirit, I hope to salute our dadtrepreneurs and consider some of the attributes of a dad that can be transferred to the boardroom, not necessarily an alpha male. You are probably scratching your head; why dadtrepreneurs since males dominate every industry. For CPR, it's about equity and giving our male counterparts a similar salute. Let's keep in mind that there are momtrepreneur attributes that the dadtrepreneurs can adopt, and the same is true for momtrepreneurs applying some of the skills frequently noted for dads. So, it's with that understanding that we can commence.

Howard Todd-Collins, men and relationship expert counselor, recommended ten attributes of a good father. These attributes are an excellent place to start. Also, note that society distinguishes between a good dad/father and a dad while researching the attributes. I thought that was worth mentioning. So, let's view the Todd-Collins list as stated in the PBC expo (2022):

1. Dependability

It is there through thick and thin. This is not just being present and correct. It’s about being consistently available for our kids through good times and bad.

2. Involvement

Being personally engaged in our kids’ lives, interests, hopes, and dreams daily. Being curious and attentive requires us to put our distractions to one side.

3. Compassion

Showing compassion, hope, and belief when our child needs it most. Compassion is a state of mind or attitude that helps us feel connected and close to the human experience of being a child.

4. Valuing of mother

Showing respect and love for our kids’ mothers. This isn’t about just always agreeing with mum! Valuing is similar to validating our partners for who they are with all their imperfections. Showing love and respect requires action, not just thoughts, and teaches our sons and daughters how to be treated.

5. Empathy

Listening empathically to be understanding, present, and engaged. Putting ourselves into the shoes of others enables them to feel heard, respected, and valued. Even if we don’t completely get it or even like it!

6. Being verbally expressive

To communicate, uphold guidelines, and be tough yet fair, without belittling or controlling.

7. Being human

Own mistakes, be open to feedback and teach that growth is a lifelong endeavor. So, dad (and mum) get it wrong, sometimes! I reckon to teach our kids to be human means we have to show our humanity as often as possible.

8. Honesty

Teach and live by the values of honesty and integrity.

9. Playfulness

Showing delight in our children through fun and play. The benefits of dads' playing have been researched, particularly the rough and tumble play. It teaches our kids to regulate their feelings and accept limits and boundaries.

10. Being industrious

Model a healthy work ethic as a source of personal accomplishment and satisfaction. This isn’t necessarily associated only with work; it’s a helpful attitude toward tasks in general. Some attributes that come to mind include protector, breadwinner or provider, decision-maker, wise and knowledgeable, disciplinarian, and provider.

Can you identify any attributes identified in the momtrepreneur series from Todd's list or my add-ons? Also, which attributes can be transferred to the boardroom? Leave your comments. CPR blog will return next week to continue this series. Friday, CPR will salute my nephew, niece, and all 2022 graduates for all their hard work.

Warm Regards,


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