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Silent Brainstorming: CRAWFORD SLIP-WRITING-Day 3

Updated: Mar 21, 2022

This week we started to explore the importance of brainstorming and the various techniques that can be applied as entrepreneurs. In today's post, we will explore one Silent brainstorming method titled Crawford Slip-writing. The Crawford Slip Writing Method promotes creativity in teams that are given the directive as agents of change. Crawford's Slip writing method assists teams in managing ideas during times of decision making. The technique involves groups and individuals who develop ideas in writing or another quiet medium. To incorporate Crawford's Slip-writing method, the facilitator will do the following:

1st step

The facilitator will disseminate the paper to participants. Crawford's slip-writing technique uses sheets of paper, note cards, or word documents (if virtually) as the medium for teams to collaborate.

2nd step

For a small business, the facilitator presents the problem disclosed by the CEO within the organization. This activity is timed to ensure adequate time management.

3rd step

For participants, CPR LLC agrees with Toolshero. Recommendations from Toolshero include:

  1. participants should write down the ideas on paper and be specific in their writing

  2. participants should write one idea per card.

  3. participants should be specific in what they would like to express

  4. participants should describe the idea in a few words

4th step

During the documentation period, the facilitator should approach the topic with questions and challenges to allow for creativity from team members, e.g., How could we… in what way…? The leader or facilitator can show images or words that encourage the team’s creative responses.

5th Step

After everyone finishes recording their thoughts, the facilitator should collect the cards, shuffle them, and randomly distribute the notes. Each participant will be allowed to read the notes on the card. This process will eliminate any risk of favoritism or automatically agreeing with the business owner. Your sole interest throughout the brainstorming is to identify the best ideas regardless of the contributor for the growth of your business.

An advantage to Crawford's slip-writing technique is the silent approach to individual brainstorming, which provides opportunities for professionals to offer their honest feedback. In a work environment that entertains bullies and negative behavior without consequences, in addition; to changing the work environment, this technique gives a voice to the voiceless. If your work environment does not allow for honest feedback, you impede success as a leader. Research illustrates that employees embrace Crawford Slip writing because it is quick, easily understood, safe, cost-effective, brief, and precise.

CPR LLC is available to facilitate on your behalf. Please email us at

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