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Small Business Emergency Readiness series: Checklist

Updated: Jul 11, 2022

Yesterday's blog commenced a series on Small Business Emergency Readiness. The goal is to alarm new and established small business owners. This post will offer some ideas for a Small Business checklist that should serve as a guide. Please be sure to customize the list that best meets your organization's needs. Let's begin.

During this series, emergency readiness applies to internal and external disasters, including natural disasters. While this may be a tricky topic, it's a subject matter worth your time and energy. The best form of readiness comes in the form of knowledge and preparation. The first step is to communicate the intent of the Emergency Readiness plan. A Small Business Emergency Readiness plan needs to be accessible and clear to everyone, including your family members and your team. Consultant Proficiency Resources (CPR) LLC offers six-(6) significant categories for emergency preparedness of a small business in these apocalyptic times. The categories include (1) Personnel & Safety, (2) Finance, (3) Technology, (4) Sustenance, (5) Inventory, and (6) Practice.

As a leader, you must be prepared to undertake unanticipated challenges that may impact you and your employees. Devising a business checklist only provide you and your designee with a guide when S.H.T.F. Based on the emergency, the list should be modified accordingly. Next week, we will dive deeply into the six-(6) elements. Can you think of any categories that we might have missed? Please place it in the comment section.

Warm Regards,


Managing Partner

Consultant Proficiency Resources (CPR) LLC

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