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Small Business Emergency Readiness series: Leaders Must Stay Ready

Updated: Jun 16, 2022

Welcome back to another Consultant Proficiency Resources LLC series. Today's series explores a topic that is the 600-pound gorilla in every virtual or in-person leadership meeting. This series was created to sound the alarm within the small business community. While CPR may not be able to explore all the emergency issues, CPR hopes to shed some light that will spring you into action. The subject is emergency preparedness. If you are scratching your head, this series is for you. Let's begin!

The signs are everywhere: (1) turbulent weather conditions, (2) impending food shortages, (3) rising fuel prices, (4) hottest summer, and coldest winter recorded, (5) the fluctuation of the stock prices, (6) wars, and rumors of war, (7) the moral decay of society, (8) the dumbing down of our youth, (9) the environment of no questions please, (10) the disregard for operating in wisdom and removal of critical thinking, (11) pandemics, as well as epidemics and the list, goes on and on. There is no end to emergencies forecasted for 2022-2023.

As a leader, your level of preparedness or ill-preparedness would likely not just impact you but your team and their families. When an emergency hits, you and your business are not exempt, so prepare NOW. In leadership, there should be little or no room for surprises. Hospitals call CODE RED for fire and CODE BLUE for a heart attack patient, citizens, call 911 for emergencies. For your small business emergency, please call CPR LLC at 347-674-4878 or email us at CPR subscribes to a state of readiness. Don't get ready; stay ready!

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