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The Business of Motivation: Series Part 1

Updated: May 12, 2022

Welcome to the Motivation series. The Motivation series is open to teachers, professors, CEOs, business leaders and influencers, students, and entrepreneurs. I hope this Motivation series assists you and your team on your life's journey. At some point in our lives, some require a little motivation, while others have mastered the art of self-motivation. Self-motivation is essential to success. Every exam, every trade, every goal of graduation, every semester, every contract requires self-motivation. Self-motivation is the inner cheerleader that drives one to take action. For me, this signified starting my own business and applying for a post-doctoral degree. Bottom line, if you cannot motivate yourself, how can you show up for someone else? Let's explore the elements of self-motivation.

Self-motivation is achieving something because of enthusiasm or interest without needing pressure from others. A self-motivated person is often depicted as persistent, committed, invested, a risk-taker, eager to learn and grow. In the business world, you are probably the one to assume new projects without knowing the reward or the one to be most creative, meaning you are not afraid to think outside of the box or be known as different. You can stand alone. Self-motivation is also essential as a leader. Whether students, employees, or colleagues, your followers monitor your every move. This is the time when leading by example shines through.

According to a June 2021 blog written by Houssain, he maintained, "all the days are not equal. Some days seem to be robust. On the contrary, you feel exhausted sometimes. When you lack motivation, you feel like doing nothing. So, it is important to stay instigated. Motivation drives you to undertake massive actions. It creates enthusiasm for performing more tasks. This shuns your ability and increases your efforts." Within this quote, the motivation described is self-motivation. When self-motivated, your spiritual pursuits align with the physical to accomplish milestones ahead. The extra adrenalin you experience is needed to push you over the finish line before receiving a new dosage of inspiration to motivate your students and employees alike.

In the upcoming weeks, we will explore the types of motivation, what works in the business world, whether in smaller vs. larger venues or organizations. How you can redirect your self-motivation to bolster the motivation of individuals you engage, including practical techniques. Join me on this life-altering journey to motivation...... Stay tuned...

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