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The Phenomenon called Middlescence

Updated: Mar 14, 2022

According to an October 2021 report, more than 4.3 million Americans walked off the job due to the CoVID mandate. Currently, employees are faced with the backlash of the GREAT RESIGNATION. For entrepreneurs, this signifies the availability of bankable human capital in the job market waiting to be recruited. While this is a great opportunity, be mindful of getting caught up with middlescence. So, what is middlescence? Middlescence is the phenomenon experienced by mid-career employees, often emanating in the form of 3Bs:




The elite group from the Great Resignation might have also experienced middlescence and used the pandemic as an opportunity to exit. As an entrepreneur, the HR labor pool is now filled with experienced professionals either waiting for the next opportunity in Corporate, seeking an opportunity within the right small business venture, or are likely to become entrepreneurs. As a small business leader, recruiting an individual with a wealth of experience can serve to your advantage or disadvantage. Hence the discussion of middlescence. Middlescence can be a time of frustration, confusion, and alienation; conversely, it can be a time for self-discovery, new direction, and fresh beginnings (Gallos, 2008).

As a leader, you can assist in revitalizing the careers of middlescence by removing barriers to hiring or by identifying high potential candidates. Supporting documentation as well as an interview can assist in identifying the right candidate for your small business. What type of supporting documentation can be used? Supporting documentation may include but is not limited to (a) former evaluations, (b) reports, and (c) references. For the interview, middlescence can best be flagged during the interview round by asking the right questions or providing the interviewee with "What if" scenarios.

The aftermath of Covid created an opportunity for small businesses. So, pursue it. CPR LLC Patreon members have access to the right questions or scenarios to ask your candidate(s). Consider becoming a Patreon member today.

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