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Value You!!!!

Updated: Mar 14, 2022

Have you ever heard someone say, "I can do that?" Here is another one, "your price is too high, can you go lower?" Here is the thing, as an entrepreneur, if everyone could do it, the percentage of people pursuing entrepreneurship ventures would have been greater. The truth is, making decisions are tough, and it is not for everyone. So, if you have a passion, maybe it's just a passion or hobby; however, if you can turn your passion into profit, legitimate profit, then entrepreneurship is for you. The term legitimate profit signifies doing the work to achieve your dream. This brings me to your product or service. You are your brand. You must respect your brand. Do not allow anyone to undermine your product or service in an attempt to lower your asking price. Many in our communities do not value the service we bring to the table. If that is the case, walk away. You heard me walk away. Rome was not built in a day, and it certainly was not built for free.

I learned this lesson the hard way. Consultant Proficiency Resources (CPR) LLC was formed in 2004. I spent the infancy stage of CPR LLC assisting everyone with their Business. Not a good idea, especially in the infancy stage of a business. Fast forward to 2020, I resuscitated CPR LLC. I have adopted the principle of Minding thy Business. A business is exactly that a business. The goal of the CEO is to generate revenue for sustainability. The few billionaires who provide seed money as Venture Capitalists do so as a business tax write-off. This is more likely the recommendation of the CFO for tax benefits as opposed to altruism.

While there are ethical business practices that believe in a win-win methodology, not many business owners subscribe to that belief. Many small business owners focus on capitalism and competition where the win-win approach is not at the helm. Recommendations:

1-know the worth of your Business,

2-respect the hustle of other small business owners

3-Network and refer when applicable.

This is the winning formula paving your way to true success. Say it with me:

  • My brand is important.

  • My product or service is of the highest quality.

  • I know my Business.

  • I am a subject matter in my related field.

Know your worth and value. This is the first step in being a small business owner. You must believe what you are bringing to the table is valuable.

Be kind to yourself and each other,


Managing Partner


When YOU succeed, we succeed!

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