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Why leaders are struggling to develop great teams

Updated: Mar 14, 2022

In any industry, teamwork makes the dream work. That may sound cliche, but is it true? A plethora of studies exists promoting the importance of teamwork. As a leader, you must ask the question, "what is impeding on establishing a cohesive team?"

Many of today's experts support empirical data that illustrate fostering a cohesive team requires a work environment where every employee feels valued. In an environment that cultivates negative behavior via promotions or monetary incentives, the negative behavior is likely to repeat itself. This, in turn, creates a domino effect on other employees. So, what tools of ammunition are leaders armed with to build cohesive teams? In today's environment, it is important to assess the organization's culture (OC). An organization's OC is likened to its personality, which is typically a combination of the prior leadership styles mixed with its employees' beliefs and values. A consultant firm like CPR supports an organizational tool that is validated in your respective industry. An OC tool can assist a leader in identifying its current and preferred OC, which can cause creative solutions to emerge. Regardless, as a leader, it is important to reinforce positive rather than negative behaviors such as bullying, gossiping, intimidation, and other workplace antics that are deemed disruptive.

To all in leadership that recognizes how such negative antics demoralize the workforce, I salute thee.

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Managing Partner

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