4 Essential Business Documents

Business documents serve as your organization's compass. It's a guide.

  • 30 minutes
  • $300.00/doc review
  • virtual

Service Description

Small business owners must possess four essential business documents: 1-Business plan 2-Marketing plan 3-Transition document 4-Emergency Preparedness document CPR, LLC is available to review your business documents with recommendations. If you do not have a document, we encourage you to do so. Businesses without a business plan, transition document, and emergency readiness document are synonymous with the Titanic without a compass. We know now how the story ended..... CPR, LLC can review and make recommendations on your documents. Each document review is a separate charge. If you seek to contract with CPR, LLC to create your document, please specify which document(s). The service cost will increase to create an original document.

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