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State of Consumer Engagement series: B-2-Consumer

Updated: May 31, 2022

CPR's postings from previous days were in salute to momtrepreneurs; likewise, in the month of June, CPR will explore twenty attributes of fathers that can be transferred to being a dadtrepreneur. For the duration of May 2022, CPR will dedicate some time to consumer engagement. With the proliferation of technology and the emergence of global interdependence, and automatic global presence is established whether you consider your company global, national, regional, or local. This gives a whole new meaning to "Shark Tank." Once you launch your business, the sharks are ready to take out the competition and capitalize on your organization's demise. While it is not total doomsday for businesses, you may not know how technology has and will continue to impact your global footprint as a new business owner.

So, for a small business owner, you must be cognizant that you are not a local business once your company is on the internet. It would be best to be mindful of how to monitor your competition, engage your target audience, and create product differentiation. That is, what makes your product or service different. It often comes down to the consumer experience and how customers or clients perceive you. Let's explore.

According to a 2022 Consumer report, five key fundamentals of customer engagement emerged from a Business-2-Consumer(B-2-C) review. Consumers' perceptions include:

1-70% of consumers want their information digital

2-75% of consumers demand a more personalized experience

3-81% of businesses rely on cookies

4-95% of consumers trust companies

5-Consumers demand Quality over quantity (% not provided)

Consultant Proficiency Resources (CPR) offer other fundamentals for consumer engagement. They are:

6-Comprehend the Generational divide

7-Know digital fatigue exists

8-Render Platinum Customer Service

9-Customize every customer experience by remembering the simple things

10-Remain true to your mission and vision

In the upcoming days, CPR will explore a few fundamentals at a time and advocate for the adoption of customer engagement fundamentals if you have not already done so. For the established entrepreneurs, can you think of other customer engagement fundamentals? Please share and comment on this and all of our CPR blog posts. For coaching, send CPR an email at or register on the home page.

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