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Consultant Proficiency Resources How-2-Series: Toxic Tendencies

Updated: Dec 4, 2023

Consultant Proficiency Resources How-2-Series continues with our lens on cancer frequently cultivated by Toxic leadership. Toxic stems from the Greek “toxic,” which means “arrow poison" This translates to kill (poison) in a targeted way, with arrow-ready precision. Whether you are aware of toxic-like tendencies or not, there is a need for global leaders from all industries to understand how their actions or inaction can evolve into toxic leadership. It is essential to underscore that there is an alternate work style to toxic leadership. That is a leader who nurtures and renders physiological, psychosocial, and spiritual safety amongst their employees.

In contrast to toxic leadership, healthy, authentic leadership nurtures and affirms the team's dignity, worth, and efficacy. According to a Forbes Leadership 2022 article, there are common behaviors that link toxic leaders or employees:

  • Abuse of power

  • Nepotism/favoritism

  • Overly protective of those who follow them blindly

  • The expectation of unquestioned loyalty

  • Bullying

  • Micromanaging

  • Gossiping

  • Deception/withholding information/exaggerating problems

  • Using fear as a motivating tool

  • Incapable of receiving constructive criticism

  • Driven by finger-pointing

You possess bullish or toxic tendencies if you identify with one or all of the above characteristics. CPR’s Moral Leadership coaching practice reminds leaders of the importance of stomping out negative behavior that fosters a toxic work environment.

To stomp out negative behavior, CPR's Moral Leadership practice presents a few simple steps:

#1-As a leader, pray, fast, and self-reflect on the above list. The truth will manifest. Armed with the truth, you are now ready to do the work daily. For instructions, please go to WONIPodcast and select your archived audio. A link is provided for your convenience Jumo Start CPR | WONIRadio.

#2-Once you identify which actions apply to you, you are now aware of tendencies that negatively impact the organization.

#3-Here is the magic act. STOP and SWITCH! That’s right, stop committing the act that renders your leadership style toxic and quickly switch out your negative habits.

#4-Replace negative habits with the Fruits of the Spirit. For assistance with evolving into a Moral Leader, visit the CPR Moral Leadership Coaching tidbit on youtube. A link is also provided for your convenience.

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