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Consultant Proficiency Resources presents: Wellness Wednesday

Consultant Proficiency Resources advocates that small business owners cultivate a healthy work environment. In today's competitive market, you and your employees are a team. A robust, healthy team performs at its highest when all members are on board. Getting on board in promoting a healthy work environment is a worthwhile investment.

In adherence to a healthy work environment, CPR took its meetings out of state to one of the longest trails to promote healthy work environments within the small business community. Though a small turnout, the initiative was a solid start to promoting and adopting a healthy work environment.

Wellness Wednesday tip for today is to HIT THE FALL TRAILS. Whether local trail or out of state, if you are an entrepreneur, meet outdoors by hitting the trails. It's the perfect meeting venue under an Oak tree near the water. Convening meeting outdoors emanates creativity and clarity. So, go out there and enjoy the view guaranteed to provide you with some gems of ideas.

Video of CPR's conference week included a meeting via one of Philadelphia's longest trails (courtesy of CPR, GEMS R US, and Josie's Beauty Bar).

Promote wellness so it is well with you and your team.

Warm Regards,


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