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Consultant Proficiency Resources' series presents: Moral Leadership

Updated: Nov 25, 2022

Consultant Proficiency Resources presents the Moral Leadership series. During this series, CPR will make a case for Moral leadership and its contribution to a healthy work environment, resulting in happier and more productive teams that isare likely to increase revenue. We have all heard the term cut-throat competition, walking on backs to get ahead, sleeping your way to the top, and so many negative terms used to suggest winning by any means necessary. During this series, CPR presents an argument for Moral leadership and how a moral leader possesses the skill sets to motivate a team. A motivated team evolves into a high-performing team. In business, this translates to increased revenue. Today, we will explore what moral leadership is and its attributes.

According to the HOW Institute Society, Moral leadership is about "how leaders touch hearts, not just minds." When you combine Artificial Intelligence (AI) with the workforce in the twenty-first century, can a Moral leader change the trajectory of a morally decaying organization or, on a macro level, society? HOW Institute Society suggests, "only moral authority can build trust, inspire others, create meaning, and help people imagine a different and better future—enable them to contribute their fullest talent, realize their deepest humanity, and do the next right things." According to the Harvard Law School program on negotiation, "a key component of moral leadership is motivating others to live up to their ethical standards and those of your organization, even in the face of temptations to behave unethically." While the research purports that moral leadership can be applied in twenty-first-century business, is it possible?

CPR offers ten attributes of a Moral leader, including:

  1. Visionary

  2. Humility

  3. Integrity

  4. Temperance-self-control

  5. Comfortable with Risk, not a risk-taker

  6. Inspiring

  7. Self-less

  8. Creative and Innovative

  9. Intentional

  10. Goodness

According to a 2019 study conducted by The State of Moral Leadership in Business, among 1,105 U.S. employees surveyed from a cross-sector of industries, 87 percent of respondents said the need for moral leadership in business is more urgent today than ever before. Regardless of the industry or life as a whole, we as a society opened a pandora's box of wickedness. CPR explores how Moral leadership can be the antidote for society. Whether you agree, this series should be shared with every entrepreneur.

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