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Flipping a Toxic Work Culture Series: Constructing a High-Performance Team

Updated: Oct 20, 2022

As CPR continues its quest to stomp out toxic work culture, it is essential to highlight the toxicity and spend time on how a leader can produce high-performing teams. The prior posts spotlighted negative behaviors to stomp out poor decorum. As a leader, you must understand that the longer it takes to stomp out antagonistic workplace shenanigans, it transmits the message of your organization's culture. In the upcoming weeks, CPR will explore how a leader motivates employees into cohesive and High-Performance teams. Today we will begin with a brief introduction from Organization Culture magazine.

According to Organization Culture (2020),

"A leader knows the importance of cultivating High-Performance teams. This skill is intentional; it must be nurtured and facilitated. They require continuous support and guidance from an able leader who can motivate the team members to exceed expectations and continuously achieve challenging results. For such teams to prosper and deliver the intended goals, the members of the teams should be made to feel that their presence and contributions are valued and acknowledged and will be rewarded appropriately. The members should perceive that they are treated more than just employees by their management and that they can expect due justice for their contributions at work."

To construct high-performance teams, a leader needs to do the following manner:

  • Leaders play a crucial role in formulating and implementing strategic roadmaps for the organization.

    • The first roadmap or compass is your business plan as a small business owner. If you fail to implement a business plan, it begs the question, "ARE WE THERE YET?"

  • Facilitate the right culture or environment for the employee

  • Recruit the right talent for your team.

  • Leaders need to train teams on the changes that are occurring internally.

  • Leaders also need to invest in employees.

While all business themes are essential, this series is critically important to the success of any small business. Whether you are a business of two, twenty-two, or two hundred and twenty-two, improving your team's performance results in your business being more competitive within your industry, greater customer satisfaction, retention, and surpassing your revenue goals. CPR's team encourages all small business leaders to stay tuned to Consultant Proficiency Resources LLC for all their small business solutions.

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