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Within the past few weeks, CPR's Flipping a Toxic Work Culture series provided key nuggets for flipping a harmful or toxic work environment. CPR recommends Schein's OC model to small business owners, which provides four options for a new leader when witnessing an organizational culture. The leader can opt to: (a) destroy the existing OC, (b) fight the existing OC, (c) submit to the OC, or (d) evolve the OC. While the decision is up to the leader, CPR supports Schein's recommendation of evolving the OC instead of changing OC. If you still need to review the postings covering the steps, please be sure to do so. In addition, the series provided Schein's three layers within an organizational culture. Likened to an iceberg, Schein offered (1) artifacts, (2) values, and (3) basic assumptions. If you still need to review this post, please do prior to reading further. Lastly, CPR outlined how to implement Schein's OC model. If you have not reviewed this post, please be sure to do so before proceeding further in this series.

Today we will consider the next steps to identify your OC. Identifying your OC can be completed by hand (long process) or online. For a small fee, the small business owner should recruit an expert who can guide you during this stage. Upon completion of the survey, the consultant is responsible for sharing the current OC state and identifying the desired OC within an organization. Frequently, we hear it is good to know one's health status; this is the same in business. Knowing your organizational culture status is good before navigating the road to improvement.

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