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Labor Day: Back to Basics of Business

As the United States said goodbye to the hot, long summer days, most Americans spent the weekend getting their children ready for school and maybe the last dip in the ocean or pool as we say farewell to summer. Labor Day pays homage to all working Americans. Since the pandemic in 2019, many Americans have retired or resigned, resulting in The Great American Resignation in 1Q 2022. Equally newsworthy is the continued increase in small business ownership. Whether you are a college graduate, college dropout, an employee that resigned, or a returned to the workforce after retirement, it is essential to understand that moving forward is all about returning to the basics of Business 101.

With the proliferation of technology, many equate technology to operational efficacy, but is it? The basic tenet of conducting business in the twenty-first century requires technology and a customer-centric approach. Today's post summarizes five areas that should remain at the forefront as business essentials in 2022. Thus, going back to basics.

CPR recommends five areas to consider when running a business. This is in order of priority:

  1. Leadership style

  2. Employee Morale

  3. Customer Service

  4. Organization Culture

  5. Business operations

Leadership style

As a business owner, you must know your leadership style. This can be as simple as taking an online test. Once you know your leadership style, you may elect to improve, adapt to the work environment or continue with business as usual. According to Business2Community online profile, "a company’s success does come down to the quality of the leaders who run it. Change comes from the top, and it’s important to lead by example if you want to see a difference in results. To get back to basics, examine the culture within your business and see if there is a focus on positive work culture."

Employee Morale & Customer Service-see CPR's blog from last week.

Organizational Culture-(OC)

Understanding your organization's culture is everything. As a leader, review CPR's posting on OC and the next steps. As a leader, you must cultivate a positive, creative, and healthy workspace (physically or virtually) to achieve optimum success.

Business Operations

Fundamental business essentials are still a thing within small business communities. Key items you must have on hand include:

  • a business plan

  • marketing plan

  • financial plan

  • policies and procedures

  • transition document

  • emergency plan

  • employee handbook

Back to basics for businesses means precisely that. We return to the drawing board to determine what works and pivot accordingly. Next week CPR will resume the importance of establishing employee appreciation and customer satisfaction.

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