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Customer Service is at the core for Growth-Mind your Business

Updated: Mar 14, 2022

Today, I went to the bank to conduct business. Within a few minutes, someone approached me, looked me up and down, and said, "Can I help you?" I advised her of my business intentions, and she maintained, "please follow me." I sat opposite this branch manager while she made inquiries; I noticed she was glancing at her watch. I concluded my business affairs did not matter. So, I gathered sufficient information for me to make a sound decision and concluded that this bank is not worthy of my business. The branch manager's body language and tone conveyed my business was not needed. If it was, she would have been more mindful. For large banks, smaller accounts are a non-entity; however, as an entrepreneur, all business matters.

Personally, know all people matter! In business, you must approach every encounter as a possible business encounter, whether you are at the gas station, pharmacy, hospital, grocery store, Dunkin donut run, subway/train station. I hope you can visualize the picture I am painting. So, it's with that business mindset your verbal and nonverbal communication matters. Verbal communication requires you to mind your tone on ink, email, or your vocals; conversely, nonverbal communication requires you to mind sounds such as clearing your throat unexpectedly, rolling of eyes, hand gestures, how you position your head, and many other tell-tale signs that can make or break you. While CPR LLC does not offer nonverbal communication training, nonverbal communication is incorporated in our leadership one on one coaching service. So, mind your manners and treat everyone as a potential client. Everyone is a V.I.P.

Seek wise counsel from CPR LLC today. When YOU succeed, we succeed.

Kind Regards


Managing Partner


When YOU succeed, we succeed!

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