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Toxic Workplace Series: Toxic Behaviors that Wreak Havoc

I had a conversation with a client about workplace antics that disrupts the day-to-day flow of business. My client informed me that toxic behaviors disrupt any environment. So today, the goal is to summarize the top twenty traits that can lead to the downfall of any organization, whether the family, place of worship, or workplace. In the coming days, we will address a few behaviors and recommend how we can stomp out toxicity together. For today, let's consider the below.

1. Gossiping

2. Procrastination

3. Aggressive behavior

4. Narcissism

5. Disorderliness

6. Absenteeism

7. Passiveness

8. Negative thinking

9. Micromanagement

10. Always making excuses

11. Unwelcome sexual behavior

12. Bullying

13. Favoritism

14. Exclusion

15. Criticism as opposed to positive feedback

16. Stealing Ideas/Taking credit

17. Lack of self-awareness

18. Self-entitled

19. Jealousy or the green-eyed monster

20. Giver of Misinformation

As leaders or if you desire to hone your leadership skills, I encourage you to review the list as first a self-reflection. Can you relate to any of the above traits? If yes, determine whether the traits are acted upon regularly or infrequently. If regularly, you must take stock of how you contribute to workplace toxicity. Do the same with your team, whether family, worship group or business. CPR will dedicate a few posts to exploring the above traits. Proper attention and action will begin the process of stomping out workplace toxicity.

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