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Consultant Proficiency Resources How 2 Series: Growing Patience

Updated: Dec 4, 2023

Consultant Proficiency Resources How to Series continues with soft skills that are categorized as virtues. Honing virtues is crucial for personal and professional growth. Attributes such as unforgiveness, selfishness, and impatience are a few acidic or corrupt fruits that perpetuate negativity and weigh heavily on one's overall well-being. CPR Moral Leadership coaching advocates replacing toxic behavior with good fruits, that is negative behavior with positive behavior. One of the virtues addressed on WONIRADIO Jumpstart with CPR is patience.

Patience is indeed one of the few virtues that we need as leaders. Characterized by the ability to life challenges, patience may be one trait humans struggle with the most. In today’s world, it seems almost everything is designed to test patience such as 2-3 hour commutes, 24-hour-news cycles, and queues everywhere. As we exercise or practice patience, we contribute to a more healthy and positive work environment. According to Dr. Christian Hibbert, let’s consider 20 Ways to be more patient.

1) Choose to grow

2) Live strong

3) Appreciate life

4) Accept what is

5) Live in the paradox

6) Ask “How.”

7) Fake It ‘til you Make It.

8) Slow Down and See

9) Get enough sleep

10) Practice deep breathing and/or meditation

11) Look for love

12) Write it out

13) Use a thought record to try to understand things better

14) Learn about the spiral of change

15) Be kind to yourself

16) Take a time-out

17) Remember you can’t have all the answers all the time

18) Recognize the power of your body and hormones

19) Acknowledge your Higher Power

20) Let go

For a full breakdown including the spiritual perspective on overcoming patience, please go to WONIRADIO, WONIPODCAST, and select Jumpstart with CPR. The link is provided below for your convenience. Jumo Start CPR | WONIRadio

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