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Consultant Proficiency Resources Wellness Wednesday: Power of Walking

Walking is the most effective method to lose weight and stay healthy in 2023, benefiting all demographics. When it comes to walking, there should be no excuses because it is bulletproof. Anyone, anywhere, should walk. The only cost is time. The benefit is a healthier you.

Walking renders many health rewards, including the promotion of cardiovascular health. Still not convinced, research portends that walking:

  1. improves cardiac risk factors

  2. reduces cholesterol, blood pressure,

  3. affords diabetes & obesity management

  4. decreases vascular stiffness & inflammation

  5. reduces mental stress

  6. strengthens bones and muscles

  7. promotes good sleeping patterns

As an Executive, I recall spending hours working on projects or reports to the detriment of my health. Then I saw the study about remaining stationary for periods equated to smoking four packs daily. WOW! That is a scary thought. We must keep moving, regardless of our current status. As a business owner, I've incorporated walking business meetings or calls that will allow me to walk and talk as opposed to sitting at cafes or restaurants.

While I am not excluding cafes for meetings, I am recommending that you mix them up for your health. The More you Know, the More you Grow! Cheers to your health. Healthy=Wealthy.

Warm Regards,


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