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CPR Toxic Series presents: Wellness Wednesdays

Organizational culture and a healthy work climate gained traction in the latter part of the 20th century. Today, one of many metrics to identify a healthy work climate or positive organizational culture is the well-being of its employees. After all, investing in workplace well-being is linked directly to happy employees. Happy employees make happy customers, resulting in a greater return on investment (ROI). As CPR continues to serve at the behest of small business leaders, this blog will continue highlighting the importance of promoting workplace wellness, including organizing well-being initiatives.

As we celebrate all leaders that have adopted Non-Toxic Tuesday and Wellness Wednesday, CPR recommends some tips that you can use to improve your company's overall health. In previous blogs, CPR recommended healthier catering, snacks, and power naps as Wellness Wednesday tips and tricks to improve your organization and enhance creative thinking. Today, CPR adds ten quick tips to improve your organizational wellness at little or zero cost:

  1. health wellness package when possible

  2. therapeutic chairs and adjustable tables that provide the option for standing while working

  3. train your HR team to recognize harmful and toxic behavior and nip it in the bud

  4. identify a quiet space to create a wellness room where staff can unwind

  5. use colors and music to set the right ambiance and work climate

  6. personalize every greeting with your employees; make it memorable

  7. get to know your employees personally; this will allow you to personalize your greeting in #6

  8. start every meeting with a wellness or feel-good message or video that will make your employees smile or laugh out loud

  9. end every meeting with a "we can do it" message or create your slogan and mean it

  10. adopt a wellness board virtually or physically to allow employees to express themselves

While the tips may sound basic, it leaves an indelible mark on employees and your work environment. Most of the above tips will not cost you anything but time and patience. Go ahead and get moving.

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