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Welcome to the Consultant Proficiency Resources (CPR) Business Ministry, servicing national and global business leaders and aspiring entrepreneurs.  CPR is passionate about honing human capital within the business community.  CPR's professional advice is grounded in faith and facts.

CPR's formula is simple: Biblical + Business Principles=Optimum Success.

If you are prepared to do the work, it's time for a little CPR.  CPR's team is equipped to offer ethical and professional services. 


CPR services are customized to (1) improve business operations through consulting, (2) transform business owners into formidable Moral and Ethical leaders, (3) develop high-performance teams, (4) remove toxic behavior that is responsible for revenue loss, and (5) hone human capital through coaching.

Don't hesitate; please contact us today at 347-674-4878 for your free 30min virtual assessment.

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CPR's team is professional and simply wonderful. Before signing up for CPR coaching, I took advantage of CPR's free 30min virtual assessment, which turned into 2 hrs. In the end, I was sold. Affording me the extra time is unthinkable in 21st-century business practice. That's when I realized CPR's pillars of prudence and righteousness were in full effect. 

Thank you, CeeCee

Maribel Suarez

Tax Accountant

Mariella Suarez

Tax Accountant

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